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I’ve decided to stop using wordpress.com to host my blog and instead host it myself. You shouldn’t notice any difference if your using http://blog.gilcocker.com, but if you’ve some how got the link to wordpress.com which is https://gilcocker.wordpress.com you wont be seeing any of the most recent posts.

So point your browser to http://blog.gilcocker.com so see the latest content, news and updates.

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Friday again.

Village fete – this coming Saturday in Edinburgh

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If your going to be in Edinburgh this weekend then go check out the Village Fete this coming Saturday at Old St Paul’s Church Hall in Edinburgh. Setup by Lizzy Stewart (a third year eca illustration student), has managed to secure work from a variety of artists – both Edinburgh based and other UK artists and crafters – including work from It’s Nice that. From the Village Fete MySpace…

Live music comes courtesy of Tracer Trails who have organised us a lovely line up which goes as follows.. Wounded Knee, Withered Hand, Randan Discotheque & Beard DJs The Village Fete will also be providing tea and cakes and other treats throughout the day.

Lizzy also has a blog and portfolio online with some really interesting work that’s worth having a sneaky peek at. I really like her fusion of Russian influences and the ever favorite source material of ‘bears’. A couple of images pictured below.



Spring Showcase – Exhibition

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So here’s the announcement. The very nice people at OWL & LION gallery in Grassmarket, Edinburgh have decided to take on my knitted work (pictured above) for an exhibition. Although my work has been sold before in a variety of venues in Edinburgh, its the first time it’s being sold in a gallery context which I’m really pleased about. Hopefully they’ll get plenty of exposure and maybe even spawn some other collaborations.

The exhibition opens 9-16th March (dates as going to press).

The Spring Showcase shall see the return of our retail space. Featuring 10 Jewellery Artists with their new spring collection as well as a new and exciting range of bags handmade in our onsite studio space. The ever popular OWL & LION bag will be launched with new designs and fabrics. Besides handmade bags and jewellery, the gallery also specialises in traditional bookbinding. This spring you will see a very exciting and expanded range of bespoke note books, diaries and photo albums.

If your in Edinburgh go check them out or even purchase one – all comments welcome especially if you’ve seen them at the gallery. Hopefully be some photos of the gallery once the exhibition’s on.

On a side note, this is the 150th post – I never realized how many I’d already written.


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I was browsing through my Flickr contacts the other day and stumbled across this find of a bathroom. It’s a photo my brother took recently whilst visiting a press event at Sony’s 3Rooms ‘brand space’. It’s great to see they’ve thought about the environment in a different way and really follows through with whole vibe of the flat. Would be nice to see it in person.

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For more info check out my brother’s blog.

‘Cloud’ at Heathrow Terminal Five

I was shown this a while back but came across it again recently. It’s such a simple yet hypnotic piece of sculpture. It so relaxing to watch and reckon it makes an amazing noise when each of the ‘flip-dots’ rotate and move.

More photos online at Trokia’s website.

Img 3561 Hello

GRRRR… I’ve been really busy lately, as usual, but have a big announcement coming in the next couple of days, so stick around.

You work for them – Blog


A cool blog from Youworkforthem.com. Worth checking out on a semi-regular basis – doesn’t seem to updated as fast as some of the other popular design blogs out there but that doesn’t mean to say the work isn’t good.

You work for them Blog